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YooA : Solo Debut “Bon Voyage”

OH MY GIRL’s YooA Charms With Her Solo Debut MV For “Bon Voyage”.

Bon Voyage is OH MY GIRL YooA‘s solo debut mini-album, it is composed of five tracks with a title song of the same name. It was released on September 7th KST, 2020.

“Bon Voyage” is accompanied by a magical music video featuring fairies, forests, and more. It gives to her fans a glimpse into the myriad of genres YooA has chosen to tackle with her solo work.

After sharing a series of teasers, YooA’s label, WM Entertainment, had dropped the visually stunning music video that sees YooA make her way through a seemingly-enchanted, spooky forest under the cover of night.

The video paints a cinematic picture of a fantasy world where fairy YooA explores realms beyond reality. Fans are amazed of the video’s stunning visuals, unable to get over how gorgeous it is!