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Yezi : Solo Return ‘My Gravity’

Yezi, formerly of FIESTAR, broke out as a soloist with a very clear musical direction. From “Cider” to “Anck Su Namum,” Yezi was clearly making a statement that she was here and she was the badass queen. Two and a half years after her last release, the soloist finally announced a new single. As a fan of Yezi’s harder music and attitude, I’ve been waiting patiently for her to return to the K-Pop scene. What I, and perhaps most, didn’t predict was the direction she took with “My Gravity.” 

Yezi’s public image has always been focused on her intense and intimidating aura, usually coupled with her strong rap skills that she chose to showcase in her solo tracks. “My Gravity” does a complete 180 from this expectation, beginning with a much more sentimental and soft melody that is soon accompanied by her surprisingly stunning vocals. For someone who has always been considered a strong rapper, it’s a bit astonishing to learn that she also has a beautiful singing voice. She even goes all in on the high notes in the chorus, showcasing that she’s definitely not bluffing about her skills as an artist. Despite being completely unexpected, “My Gravity” is a beautiful and heartfelt track that Yezi uses to express her growth as an artist in the time that she hasn’t been in the spotlight.

The music video begins with a focus on very neutral, muted colors that place emphasis on loneliness and a lack of guidance, with Yezi wandering alone in the woods to further drive home the metaphor. Despite that somewhat melancholy atmosphere, there’s also a heavy emphasis on shining sunlight amidst it all. The natural tones are eventually traded for heavy pinks and purples, the bright colors complimenting her message as she blossoms further into her new role. The contrast is quite striking and the use of simple shots of nature places emphasis on unadorned beauty. Despite the bright colors, nothing is flashy, and the whole video composition lends itself to the overall candid track. 

If you were expecting another hard-hitting banger from Yezi, you won’t find it here. And while it may be somewhat disappointing, it’s also quite nice to see her branch out of her comfort zone musically and expand her repertoire to become a more well-rounded artist. It’s a different side of Yezi, one she hasn’t shown to the public before, and that in and of itself is truly beautiful.