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Wonderland : Keiichi Hara anime

Finally, he’s coming back ! Keiichi Hara, one of the masters of Japanese animation, makes us happy again with certainly a new masterpiece : Wonderland.

Four years after her superb Miss Hokusai, Keiichi Hara returns with Wonderland, a feature film less personal, and especially more mainstream.

In Wonderland, Keiichi Hara plunges us into a drought-ravaged kingdom… A mysterious alchemist and his whimsical apprentice ask a dreamy girl and her aunt, to save their wonderful world from desolation.

Wonderland combines both cinematographic references and heterogeneous universes. Keiichi Hara explodes the colors, brutally breaks their brilliance by the introduction of industrial apocalypse sequences, then resumes its sparkling palette. In the same way, he goes from the revisited tale to the period film and then to the ecological fable. Paying homage to the passage, by pure pleasure, to Europe and France in particular, a country to which he is deeply attached.

The profusion of the inventive talent of Keiicha Hara and that of the Russian illustrator Ilya Kuvshinov, with whom the filmmaker chose to associate for the first time, has the virtue of renewing the wonder and awaken our senses.