AsiaMag | Weki Meki : New Single ‘Dazzle Dazzle’

Weki Meki : New Single ‘Dazzle Dazzle’

It’s been about six months since the group’s last single album release, and fans have certainly been missing them in their absence. Although this track is only a digital single, it’ll feed fans while they wait for a full return from the group. 

The first thing you’ll notice about “Dazzle Dazzle” is the bubbly, upbeat rhythm with some big band influence in the melody. It has a different feel from previous comebacks, but it’s undoubtedly catchy and has that familiar Weki Meki charm. Fans of Yoojung will be delighted at the return of the rapper, who has been on hiatus for a number of months before the release. Her rap verses pack a punch, as usual, and add some additional personality to the song. All things considered, it’s a pretty typical Weki Meki song, with a familiar vibe and cheery disposition. 

As expected based on the title, the video revolves around a bright and elegant concept, a large diamond recurring through the video and representing pretty much the whole concept. Vibrant pinks, blues, and yellows make up the main focus of the color scheme, with bright lighting placing emphasis on the sparkling atmosphere. There’s a heavy focus on big and glittering jewelry on the girls in their choreography shots, along with bold all-white outfits, each design unique to a different member. If you weren’t getting the dazzling feel with the song, the video will certainly bring that vibe!

Be sure to check out “Dazzle Dazzle” below and support Weki Meki’s comeback.