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TWICE : “Feel Special”

TWICE says you make them “Feel Special” in glamorous comeback. They are back with their eighth mini album “Feel Special” and a music video for the title track of the same name!

The girls of TWICE are back with their newest EP, ‘Feel Special’. Like the last album, the members lent a hand in making this EP. Nayeon wrote the lyrics for “Rainbow,” Jihyo co-wrote “Get Loud,” Dahyun co-wrote “Trick It,” Momo has a writing credit on “Love Foolish,” and the members of TWICE are all credited on “21:29.”

  1. Feel Special
  2. Rainbow
  3. Get Loud
  4. Trick It
  5. Love Foolish
  6. 21:29
  7. Breakthrough (Korean Ver.)

Park Jin Young penned lyrics and co-composed “Feel Special” with Ollipop and Hayley Aitken. Park Jin Young was inspired to write the lyrics after having a conversation with the TWICE members, where they shared the emotions they felt during the four years since their debut. The lyrics describe someone who is like the light at the end of a dark tunnel and convey words of comfort for people who feel insignificant and hopeless.

While Mina took part in the album and music video production, she will not be participating in other promotional activities for the album due to her anxiety disorder diagnosis.

In the MV, costumes are opulent, background interesting, and there’s definitely no time for your eyes to get bored. This stands among some of the most visually stunning MVs of 2019.

Watch the dazzling music video below that already reach 60M views !