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Top 10 Hottest K-Pop Girl in 2020

K-Pop girl groups have become a global phenomenon thanks to their addictive melodies, production values, visually stunning choreography, and the exceptional beauty of their members. Here’s the list of top 10 most popular and beautiful K-Pop female idols who will make your jaw drop !

1. Seolhyun

Kim Seol-hyun is the visual member of the K-Pop group AOA and is famous for her beautiful looks. With her beautiful glowing face, she even made it to the top prettiest idol ranks in the country. Also, she often appears in public with no makeup. This beauty is not only the vocalist, lead dancer and face of the group, but she has also starred in TV dramas like Ugly Alert (2013) and Orange Marmalade (2015)!

2. Tzuyu

Chou Tzu-yu, mostly known by her mononym Tzuyu, is a talented visual of K-pop girl group TWICE. K-Pop draws many international talents to come to the country and become real idols. With auditions held in different parts of the world, entertainment agencies discover more and more hidden gems. Tzuyu Is one of such gems!

Koreans noticed the girl’s great visuals long before she debuted on the TV show SIXTEEN. And once she became the part of the group, the fans went crazy from happiness! They call her “Taiwanese Goddess”, as she charms so many fans not only in Korea but also all over the world! With her charming, beautiful face and amazing body shape, it didn’t take long for Tzuyu to become TWICE’s “top visual” member.

3. HyunA

Kim Hyun Ah, professionally known as Hyuna, is a singer and songwriter, rapper and model. You may know Hyuna from her highly successful duet with PSY. Their hit song “Gangnam Style” gained tremendous recognition worldwide! However, Kim debuted long before “Gangnam Style.” She was a member of such girl groups as Wonder Girls and 4Minute. In 2010, Kim decided to begin her solo career. She started to make “performance-oriented music,” as she calls it.

Hyuna became the first female artist in the Korean industry to reach over 100 million views on a single YouTube music video! It’s quite an achievement! Moreover, after the global fame of “Gangnam Style,” Kim became one of the most famous and successful female solo artists in the K-pop entertainment industry!

4. Jisoo

Kim Ji-soo, mostly know as Jisoo, debuted as a member of Black Pink, the K-Pop girl group that is highly popular worldwide! It’s impossible not to admire the absolutely breathtaking visuals of this girl! Not to mention her great personality and talent that earned her such success! Everyone in Black Pink agrees on that she’s the prettiest in the group, she’s exceptionally gorgeous!

5. Dayul

Dayul is a member of the K-pop girl group DAONBIN and Rockit Girl (and also a former member of Baby Boo under another stage name, Dabin). In 2016, she made her debut in with the group Baby Boo with their single “Kiss Me”. However, in 2018, she and Daon departured from Hyunda company and reformed as a group called DAONBIN. Also, Dayul competed on The Unit, the survival show. After some time, she decided to join the group Rocket Girl.

6. Sana

Born in Tennoji-ku, Osaka, Japan, Sana Minatozaki (known simply as Sana) is a vocalist and lead dancer of TWICE, the highly popular K-Pop girl group. There’s no doubt, she is one of the most cheerful people you have ever met! She’s always smiling, trying to see only the positive side of things.

7. Hyoyeon

Kim Hyoyeon, commonly known as Hyoyeon or DJ HYO, is famous for being the vocalist, lead rapper, and main dancer of the Korean girl group Girls’ Generation. The band became one of the bestselling artists in the country and, at the height of their fame, the most popular K-pop group worldwide! Now, Hyoyeon paves her own musical path. But, with a slight change–she’s a DJ now! While some may be skeptical about such a shift in her career, the artist doesn’t want to be tied down by any genre. Actually, Hyoyeon was preparing for her official debut as a DJ for years! With her solo projects, you can see she does her best to create something she genuinely loves. She works not only as an artist, but also as a DJ and producer.

8. Irene

Bae Joo-hyun , better known as Irene, is a member of Red Velvet. Apart from her group activities (she is the leader in the group), she has also made her acting debut starring in Korean web drama The Female Employees of a Game Company, where she was a female lead.

Irene is so beautiful, it’s just unbelievable. She’s considered a timeless and distinct beauty, and also is really talented vocally and physically. This makes her a “Modern Visual”!

9. Kyulkyung

Zhou Jie Qiong, also known as Kyulkyung, is a member of K-Pop girl group PRISTIN. In the past, she was a part of another Korean group called I.O.I, which was formed through the survival show Produce 101. This girl even made her solo debut in China!

She is one of the prettiest K-Pop girls, it’s no wonder she is the visual, face of the group! She has also made her debut in an acting career, starring in the historical mystery drama Miss Truth!

10. IU

Lee Ji Eun goes by the stage name IU (a combination of the words “I” and “You”), which is meant to represent the singer and the listener becoming one with music. She is recognized as one of the most popular and bestselling artists in the K-pop world. She is considered the most influential K-pop celebrity alive today. Moreover, IU hosts various radio and TV shows, writes songs, and stars in K-dramas! This is good news for all K-drama lovers! Lee Ji played the lead heroine in the popular historical drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.