AsiaMag | Tokyo: The Biggest Skyscraper of Japan

Tokyo: The Biggest Skyscraper of Japan

Tokyo is a megalopolis with far-reaching proportions, but compared to other metropolises that have always pushed the boundaries of gigantism, Tokyo has always been a very conservative city on its approach to the height of its structures.

Due to the seismicity of the country, so far, few buildings have reached a height greater than 200 meters. Indeed, in 2019, there is only one skyscraper (not counting the Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree towers) higher than 299 meters: the Abeno Harukas of Osaka measuring 300 meters.

Now, thanks to new anti-seismic technologies, things are about to change. The Mori Building has announced a 580 billion yen project which, as of the date of this publication, still has no official name. This project in the Toranomon-Azabudai district has been ongoing for years. Mori began remodeling Minato Ward’s skyline a few years ago by building many of his “Hills” buildings, including the Toranomon and Roppongi Hills.

This new redevelopment project, however, is absolutely gigantic. It will occupy a total area of ​​8.1 hectares and will include numerous shops and restaurants, 230,000 square meters of office space, 1,400 residences, the British School and a luxury hotel. The 8.1 hectares are indeed smaller than the 11.6 hectares of Roppongi Hills, but this new project contains more green spaces. In addition, the floor area of ​​the project will total 860,400 square meters, more than the 759,100 square meters of the Roppongi Hills.

If the floor area is not enough, the project will include several buildings, the highest of which will be 330 meters. This is more than enough to make it not only the tallest building in Tokyo, but also the tallest in Japan.

The Mori Building is aimed mainly at foreigners. This new project is therefore considered a pole of attraction to attract more talents to Tokyo. The offices, residences and the British school of the complex would provide an oasis for families settling in the Japanese capital.

The project is also relieving Tokyo because construction companies feared what would happen after the end of the building boom leading up to the 2020 Olympics. However, projects close to the new Hibiya and Mori Building will continue to move Tokyo forward. The new complex is expected to open in 2023.

However, Mitsubishi Estate Co. plans to complete a 390-meter skyscraper near Tokyo Station in 2027. This would make the Mori Building project the tallest skyscraper in Japan for 4 years before being dethroned by the new Mitsubishi building.