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Tiffany Young : “Magnetic Moon”

Coming from the Kpop, Tiffany Young is now a full-fledged artist who commands respect.

The 29-year-old Korean-born American returned to the United States in late 2017 to pursue a solo career, after spending ten years with Girls’ Generation, the most popular K-Pop band of the moment. .

Always supported by her fans, she began by publishing her first title as an independent artist, “Lips On Lips”, at once original, sensual, magical and romantic. The title reached the second place in the iTunes pop chart.

She will then release her single, Born Again, about her rebirth as a new and more authentic solo artist, and “Not Barbie,” dedicated to “whoever does not feel out of place.”

Today, Tiffany returns with her latest title “Magnetic Moon”, a piece of dance pop, whose lyrics, entirely in English, evoke the relationship between two people who are close by their emotions.

The single was co-produced by Tiffany Young and Fernando Garibay. Tiffany not only took charge of managing the project as a whole, but she also composed the song, wrote the lyrics and created the concept. She shows that she continues to grow as a producer and musician.

The video is in perfect harmony with the atmosphere that emanates from the song, and is alternated with solo scene where Tiffany is lit up under a projector and choreographed with her dancers.

I let you fully appreciate her performance: