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Tiffany Young : Epic Comeback Song

Korean-American singer Tiffany Young has released a confident new song titled ‘Run For Your Life’.

On October 11th, the talented solo artist revealed the music video for her new track, “Run For Your Life.” With gorgeous sets and stunning, avant-garde costumes, the music video is sure to please fans with his larger-than-life concept and sexy vibe.

Meanwhile, the song itself has a deep bass and catchy melody that will have you singing along in no time. With a fierce, edgy vibe, the song has a different sound than her previous solo releases.

Young co-wrote the track alongside frequent collaborators Satica and Kev Nish. Her latest single also arrived alongside a choreography-filled music video, which was released earlier today.

In an Instagram post, Young explained that‘Run For Your Life’ is about “the fight & the hunger to LIVE for what you love & who you are”. She also hoped that fans would feel empowered after listening to the new song. 

In the post, Young also addressed the different sonic direction on her new songs, saying she wants to experiment and try new things with her upcoming music.

“Run For Your Life” is a perfect transition from her summer single “Magnetic Moon”, a disco-pop track with house undertones. The recent bass-bumping, club-ready track was produced by Fernando Garibay and was choreographed by pop star choreographer, Brian Friedman.

Check out the stunning video below :