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The Hands Free Bubble Tea Challenge

Bubble Tea is the most popular drink in Asia at the moment. Everyone buys this sweet drink, of Taiwanese origin, and displays it on their social networks. It beats all other drinks, including alcohol and coffee. But now, the drink has become more viral thanks to the ‘Hands Free Bubble Tea Challenge’.

The trend is inspired by a series of illustrations by Kiseki Himura called Tawawa. In the illustrations, we see women who drink their boba tea without the hands and use their breasts to support the cup.

This led to the “hands-free bubble tea challenge” sweeping Asia. The challenge is simple. Without using your hands, drink the boba tea that rests on your breasts. Not surprisingly, this trend has taken off.

Quickly, everyone was taking up the challenge on social media.

But this challenge is not just for girls. The guys are also racing.

However, not everyone can take up the challenge because they do not have the ‘necessary skills’.

Some have found new tips that makes it even more fun !!

Long live this trend. Nothing better than bubble tea and breasts. Nevertheless, if you take part in this challenge, send photos.