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The Benefits of Korean Spas

Have you ever heard of the concept of Korean spas, the Jjimjilbang ? They are soothing to the mind … but also good for the body!

Unlike western spas, which offer for example, Jacuzzis and massages, Korean spas offer visitors a more ‘collective’ experience.
A Jjimjilbang includes several heat rooms, but also cold, indoor and outdoor baths with different properties.

The hot rooms are for the sole purpose of making you sweat. Their temperature can go from 30 to 100°C and bring many benefits for the body : better circulation of the blood, reduction of inflammations and muscular tensions, reduction of the stress… When you enter, just lie on the floor and relax ! It is recommended to change rooms every 20-25 minutes approximately.

Some of these hot rooms will also play on the atmosphere: light, sound, humidity, natural elements … For example, you will find rooms covered with bamboo jade, mineral salts in the air, clay on the ground … The best known of these rooms, is the one that contains an oven that burns pine wood. Burnt pine that is breathed, relieves rheumatism, cough, but also has anti-aging and purifying effects for the skin.

Between the warm rooms, you can take a break in a cold room. In general, there is only one, with a temperature of 5 to 10 ° C. The cold will wake up your body, to remove the feelings of fatigue. It also allows better oxygenation of the body, and the release of endorphin which relieves pain and makes a good mood. In addition, the cold pore pores, which makes the skin more beautiful and smooth.

There are also pools areas, which are accessed directly via the locker room, because they are not mixed. The reason is that you have to be naked to bath. As these basins are hot and concentrated in particular mineral salts, it is necessary to prevent the chemical components of clothing from spreading in the water. This water will adorn the skin and reduce the pain.

There are also outdoor pools that play on the cold air and hot water contrast. Some of these basins are also in mixed areas. In this case, they are shallow pools for the feet. They include small stone paths, placed on the bottom, on which you have to walk to get a foot massage.

Once relaxation is assured, you will certainly want to go to the restaurant or coffee section, and enjoy fast-paced traditional Korean dishes to prepare.
Traditionally, you can eat smoked hard eggs, and drink sikhye (a rice-based drink).

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