AsiaMag | Sori : I Am Not Alone

Sori : I Am Not Alone

Sori and Folded Dragons have released this July 10th their collaborative song titled “I’m Not Alone”.

Sori, the singer of Kpop, has so far had a rather eventful career, dotted with starts and stops. Whatever your opinion on Sori’s solo music, we will all agree that she paid her share to the K-pop sector. Now, his music is mostly produced thanks to crowdfunding. Unfortunately, the series of singles produced did not take off his career as hoped by his agency.

But this new single, in association with the American producer Folded Dragons, could be a new beginning. Sori has finally done something relevant which definitely represents an evolution for his art.

‘I’m not alone’ is without a doubt his most remarkable work to date. The choreography and captivating video performance do a lot. The title is rather typical of K-pop inspired by the future bass.

Her voice is really nice, and her modern lyrical choreographic interpretation offers the viewer an impressive visual that we are not ready to forget.

It’s a dramatic and beautiful piece of art, Sori’s performance definitely scratches the itch and wraps the entire package up nicely.