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Sony : Reon Pocket

Who has never wished, in the heat of summer, to have his own portable air conditioner ? This wish should soon be a reality in Japan…

It’s been few years since Sony encouraged its employees to offer projects on First Flight, its own crowdfunding platform. The last fully funded project is named ‘Reon Pocket’. It is a compact and quiet air conditioner that fits in a pocket on the back of a t-shirt provided for this purpose, available in white or beige. At the time of writing, the project has raised ¥ 69,168,000, or approximately 600,000$.

As illustrated on the First Flight page of the project, the mini-air conditioner uses the Peltier effect (a physical phenomenon of heat displacement in the presence of an electric current) to reduce temperature of about 13°C in about 10 minutes, from 36°C to 23°C. “Reon Pocket solves the summer problems of businessmen,” says the Japanese manufacturer, who knows something since summers can be very hot on the archipelago.

Connected in Bluetooth 5.0 to the phone, the device can cool, but also warm the temperature (+ 8.3°C) with a dedicated application, which also allows to adjust the intensity of the Reon Pocket.

Two models are planned, one standard model and another that will have an automatic temperature adjustment function (the Reon Pocket has a dedicated mobile app). The advertised battery life is 24 hours for a charging time of approximately 2 hours. The case weighs only 85 grams and is not completely waterproof.

The Reon Pocket can cool or warm. Everything is adjustable from the dedicated application. It will be available in Japan early next year, a few months before the Tokyo Olympics.

Reserved for the Japanese, the device and it’s T-Shirt (only available in sizes S, M and L) are pre-sold at ¥ 12,760, or about 125$.