AsiaMag | Somi : “What You Waiting For”

Somi : “What You Waiting For”

After news that Somi was moving into the next global step of her career by signing with Interscope Records, the K-pop star’s latest single “What You Waiting For” has dropped that centers her as the teen pop’s next relatable, slightly rambunctious singer-songwriter-producer.

The just-released track opens with a subtle synth-pop production, bouncing through DIY-vibe electronica and a racing, power-pop chorus as Somi tells an apprehensive lover “Baby, I’ve been waiting for you all this time!” In addition to further showcasing the 19-year-old as a promising songwriter and producer (Somi’s credited as a writer and composer on the track), “What You Waiting For” also paints the star as relatable, self-aware and able to have some tongue-in-cheek fun with her past. The mix of Korean and English lyrics like, “I’m faded, every night I’m drunk and wasted” not only speak to Korea’s youthful drinking culture (of which Somi is of legal age now in South Korea) but as well when she and other young K-pop stars were swept up in underage drinking rumors in 2017 during a holiday photo (which was later clarified to have been from an adult with them).

The accompanying music video sees Somi looking more confident than ever embracing different looks and sides of herself as she literally breaks through barriers. While the song may speak to encouraging a lover to come out of their shell, “What You Waiting For” no doubt speaks as a metaphor for Somi to accomplish her goals after nearly half a decade rising through the K-pop industry as she races past parties, people and other distractions.

As Somi’s first new music in more than a year since her Billboard hit “Birthday,” the new release not only has Somi take a mature and impressive next pop step but also now sees her with the same U.S. label backing in Interscope Records that’s helped BLACKPINK land on multiple stateside TV shows and continuously rise up the charts with each release.

With her Korean company The Black Label, Interscope as well as support from her friends/new label mates BLACKPINK (Jisoo shared the link to the YouTube video to her nearly 26 million followers on Instagram), Somi won’t have to “wait” too much longer to reach new musical heights.

Check out the full “What You Waiting For” music video below :