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Seoul Arena : First K-Pop Concert Hall

The city of Seoul will be seeking to build South Korea’s first ever concert hall solely dedicated to K-Pop, the ‘Seoul Arena’.

The city will be discussing the construction and funding of the ‘Seoul Arena’ with numerous different construction and investment companies including KDB, Future Assets, NH Investors, Daewoo Construction, Jaeil Construction, Woomi Construction, Kakao, and more beginning in October, with aims to wrap up contract negotiations by June of 2020. Afterward, the project aims to begin construction in September of 2020, finish building by the end of 2023, with aims to open in January of 2024. 

Set to be located near Seoul’s Changdong-station, the ‘Seoul Arena’ will aim to be not only the nation’s first ever K-pop concert venue, but also the largest indoor concert hall in Korea with a capacity of 19,300, in addition to including small performing halls, film screening theaters, and more. 

Unlike any other arena, the Seoul Arena will feature a stage in the center. They hope fans will be able to enjoy the performances from all direction with this new feature.

The new Seoul Arena will only be dedicated to concerts, hosting more than 90 massive live concerts each year. The arena will not only be open for K-Pop artists to use, but also any international artists who wish to come perform in Seoul!

Do you want to see the ‘Seoul Arena’ come to life?