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Secret Number : “Who Dis?” First MV

Secret Number has officially debuted! They are a five-member girl group that consists of members from Japan, Indonesia, and USA, making them a multinational group.

Dita is the first Indonesian to debut in a K-Pop girl group, which is such a big milestone. Their first single album, Who Dis?, contains catchy and captivating tracks that will definitely get you falling in love with their voices one by one. 

The title track “Who Dis?” is an urban dance track that shows the members’ confidence and displays their talents perfectly. The song expresses the feelings of the spotlight going directly towards them. The track was produced by Melanie Fontana and Michel ‘Lindgren’ Schulz, who have worked with famous artists. In the music video, members are seen in dark rooms with neon lights and a spotlight on them as they dance to the song. Each member has their own scene that shows off their unique talents and charisma to captivate their fans. 

The next track, “Holiday,” is a soft EDM pop track with guitar riffs that expresses the feelings of being on a holiday when you are alone without a lover. The track is able to show each of the member’s vocals perfectly, especially Jinny’s rapping. Secret Number has made their long-awaited comeback with two very unique tracks. Please support and love them as they continue their promotions!