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Li ZiTing : Rocket Girls

She is a treasure girl in Rocket Girl, the sweetness of her songs is nice and people are under her spell.

There are 11 people in this group of Rocket Girls, of which only a few people are popular. In reality, this combination of girls, each with its own characteristics, in terms of physical beauty and charm, makes it a real asset.

Yang Beyond is the first love face that otaku people like a lot. Meng Meizhen is a very loyal, mature and domineering sister, and Lai Meiyun is synonymous with kindness. The rest of the girls also have an easy-to-remember face, but let’s talk about Li ZiTing (李紫婷 – MimiLee) from Thailand.

Although born in 2000, Li Ziting’s feelings are full of elegance and maturity. His temperament is very mature, full of enthusiasm, catchy. It’s extremely interesting. We really can not believe she’s only 19 years old …

Li ZiTing is really elegant in her short white dress, both trendy and retro. It reveals a deep charm with its long hair that falls to the side.

With her reddish lipstick, she adds a beautiful contrast to the whiteness and softness of her face. She who is sweet and beautiful, also thinks that this is the type that men love.

His high-heeled shoes refine his slender legs and gives him a sexy and feminine side that does not leave indifferent. Li Ziting, really has a graceful silhouette, from top to bottom.

With this beautiful body, sweet face, endearing personality and pleasant voice, Li Ziting is worthy of admiration.