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REDSQUARE : Makes “ColorFull” Debut

REDSQUARE is a new five-member girl group made up mostly of former members of Good Day, a group that quietly disbanded back in 2019.

With four former members of Good Day joined by soloist Blenn from About Entertainment, the full group was formed. REDSQUARE makes their appearance onto the K-Pop scene with single album PREQUEL, simply featuring “ColorFull.”

“ColorFull” features a unique concept paired with a high-energy pop track that has a unique way of presenting itself. Upon first listen the opening seconds are particularly jarring, as the song is introduced by a simple backing track featuring the members whispering the words “color” and “color full.” The track then quickly crescendos to the main melody, with the members declaring their ability to be just about any color.

What is particularly notable at this point in the song is the eerie buildup to a drop that makes the listener feel somewhat anxious, only to be broken up by an unexpected, poppy rhythm totally opposite of what would be expected after such an intense transition. If one thing is for sure, the track won’t easily be forgotten for these eccentric additions, but whether or not it’s favored is up to the individual listener.

The music video is what really adds depth to this track. As expected of the title, there’s quite a bit of color associated with the entire composition. What makes this unique is that during choreography shots, the members are draped in shadow so that only the colorful background is easily visible, the bright background highlighting the movements of the girls and putting sole focus on their movements rather than their faces or outfits. Many scenes also utilize blindfolds, a particularly bold statement that is used to emphasize that color runs deeper than just what is seen with your eyes. It’s an interesting choice, especially for a debut, but it certainly leaves a lasting impression.