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Red Velvet : Zimzalabim

The RedVelvet Kpop group is back with new song “Zimzalabim”. Despite the millions of youtube views, fans are divided.

For some of them, this new song “is magic”, they are happy to have return of this group, but others point out that their outfits for this song’s promotions are a complete horror. “SM Entertainment” is failing at dressing up their artists.

Korean fans were shocked by stylists choices, for dressing up group members. “Zimzalabim was the worst in concept that the group has attempted”.

Concerning the music and the lyrics, again the result is mixed. Some parts are well nuanced, ranging from a cheerful tone to a more gloomy tone, but unfortunately the majority of the song does not retain this concept.

However, the majority of Koreans continue to follow the style of the group members, that dominates all fashion.