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Park Jimin : cover Of ‘Speechless’

Jimin Park is a South Korean artist of JYP entertainment since 2015, she was part of ’15 & ‘in duet with Baek Yerin after winning the Kpop Star show in 2012. We do not really know if 15 & have disband, because there was no official announcements, but at the moment the two artists are in solo career.

She is known for many album and made also a lot of featuring. As individual, she like make coverings of beautiful songs.

Today, Jimin Park posted on youtube a beautiful cover of a ‘Aladdin’ movie’s song. The original song, name ‘Speechless’ by Naomi Scott, is Princess Jasmine’s solo soundtrack. The message promulgated by this song is the refusal to be silent, it is necessary to express our feelings whatever it costs.

With her powerful vocal, Park Jimin received a lot of praise from fans, because she can sing the ‘Speechless’ song very well.