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Oh My Girl : “Nonstop” MV

With member Jiho’s recovery, Oh My Girl made a comeback with their seventh mini-album NONSTOP, greeting fans as a complete seven-member unit.

Despite strong competition emerging with multiple artists’ comebacks in the music scene, the girl group’s newest release has swept the tops of domestic music charts, unarguably marking the start of their most successful era.

Encompassing a summery and energetic atmosphere, “Nonstop” generates a wave of heart-fluttering emotions. The bright, dance title song adopts a tinge of hip-hop while also emitting tropical house vibes with its rhythmic elements and synthesizer sounds.

Through the lyrics, Oh My Girl expresses the confusing emotion of their heart suddenly skipping a beat around someone that they considered simply as a “friend.” “Nonstop” stands as a perfect embodiment of the veteran girl group’s transformation as they break away from their unique, mystical, fairy-like concept.

Bold to admit, yet shy to directly confess the development of romantic feelings, the song represents the contrasting emotions of love and denial of the fluttering feelings of romance with the dynamic arrangements of sharp, charismatic rapping and sweet vocals throughout the track. 

The music video is a brilliant accompaniment to the lively track. Employing isometric visualizations as backgrounds, the film implements an interesting combination of digital graphics and real-life figures while highlighting Oh My Girl’s dumbfoundedness at their true emotions. As if the members are in a virtual world, the vivid color schemes of the scenes depict a dreamlike journey of love as the girl group expresses this surreal emotion as if they’re in a board game.

The addition of digital content such as the holographic appearance of the members or the graphic teddy bear that acts as the figure that caused the heart-fluttering confusion further enhance the unrealistic scenario of falling for a “friend” that has come to life in the video. The choreography is showcased in a simpler, white setting, which provides a nice balance between the eye-popping color scenes that communicate the story while giving the viewers an introduction to the group’s ability to pull off both powerful and delicate movements.