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North Korean Schools In Japan

Did you know that there are many North Korean schools in Japan? Today, we present them to you.

In Japan, there are 73 primary schools and 10 North Korean high schools. These establishments are intended for children of Korean populations who remained in Japan after the war. In total, about 9,000 Korean students would attend these schools in Japan.

Let’s talk about one of them located in Ikuno-ku, in the city of Osaka. By setting foot in this establishment, you do not really feel in Japan anymore; everything is written in Korean, posters in the corridors to the numbers of the rooms. The teachers wear the Chima Jeogori, a traditional Korean garment. At a bend in a corridor, there is a sign that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s meeting with the South Korean president is looking forward.

All classes are given in Korean. So that young students do not feel lost in their host country, Japan, but Japanese language classes are also given.

With regard to school books, there are some differences. First of all, for geography, for Korea, it is obviously the North Korean flag that is represented. In history, while Japanese books tend to downplay Japan’s war crimes against Korea, the books used here speak clearly about the facts and thus tell a story closer to reality.

In addition to the basic courses, many activities are proposed so that Korean children are closer to their culture: traditional dances, singing in their native language, preparation of kimchi and tastings of specialties.
Classes with few students, about ten, the atmosphere is particularly warm and family.

What about the politics and support of North Korea ? Although North Korea partially funds these schools, its influence is not so important in the content of the courses that teachers teach there. Many students even come from families supporting South Korea.