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Nihonbashi : Art Aquarium

Nihonbashi was the heart of Edo, old Tokyo, where all the important roads were crossed. Now, the region displays its heritage through art, design, events, food, a sweet mix of authenticity and modernity.

One of the greatest delights of the summer in Nihonbashi is the recurring Aquarium Art Eco event Edo Nihonbashi which started in 2011 to mark the centenary of the Nihonbashi Bridge. From the best-known goldfish to the most particular, the summer 2019 event features over 10,000 goldfish of many different species. But art is not only about goldfish, visitors are also there to admire the aquariums, atmosphere and music.

Produced by artist Hidetomo Kimura, this event is extremely popular. This 2019 edition will be the last Art Aquarium event as we know it, and features selected works from previous years alongside the new ones. After that, the event will be moved to Kumamoto Castle and renamed “CASTLE ART AQUARIUM”. The artists who work there promise a more sumptuous exhibition each year and invite everyone to Kumamoto in 2020!

The Art Aquarium becomes the Nocturne aquarium after 19:00. The atmosphere, lights and music change to fit the theme of an entertainment area (more suited for adults). At night, visitors can admire the exhibits while sipping a drink by hand, Dasai sake or superb original cocktails on the theme of goldfish.

On the weekends, famous DJs play their sets in the night aquarium and opening hours are extended until 22:30 / 23:00, depending on the night. Best of all, special events, two famous Kyoto geishas (Fumino and Mizuno) performed in front of a captivated audience, accompanied by Shamisen and Shakuhachi music (traditional flute).

For the finale, in 10-13 September, a magnificent performance of the famous Rantaro Kojyo will take place. The performance will be accompanied by Tsugaru-jamisen (musical genre) as well as Japanese drums.

Art Aquarium collaborates with more than 100 shops around Nihonbashi that have created products reminiscent of the goldfish theme or reminiscent of Edo: wagashi shaped goldfish, drinks, cakes, bread and almost everything you can think.

The Eco Edo Nihonbashi Aquarium Art takes place from July 5 to September 23, 2019, open every day. If you go there, you still have few days to enjoy it…