AsiaMag | Ne Zha : Chinese Animated Movie

Ne Zha : Chinese Animated Movie

On July 28, the animated film “Ne Zha” collected more than 700 million yuan (91M), setting a new record for a first week of exploitation for a Chinese production animation film.

The film tells the story of Ne Zha, a character from mythology known for his spirit of revolt.

This film Ne Zha would be “a black horse, destined to elevate the Chinese film industry, which has slowed in the last five months,” according to the China Daily.

Indeed, the film has dominated the continent’s ticket sales for four consecutive days, yielding more than 800 million yuan (116M) since its release on July 26 in national theaters.

Ne Zha’s receipts totaled more than 100 million yuan (13M) on the first day, exceeding the threshold set faster than any other Chinese animated film. The film also broke two other box office records. Delivering 138.5 million yuan on its release day, Ne Zha has surpassed the previous record holder such as Despicable Me 3. “Ne Zha” also earned 225 million yuan on the second day, up 23.3% from Zootopia’s record in the box office box office ranking of animated films in China.

“Epic ! I’ve finished watching Ne Zha in tears, story rich in content, vivid characters and incredible visual effects are working together to create a 110-minute roller coaster experience,” commented one user.

“I could not believe that a national animated film could be created with such a well-developed story, Nezha’s image in this film was subverted but his rebellious spirit is well established.” I’m sure Ne Zha will go viral this summer! “

The very first interaction between Ne Zha and Monkey King was made possible thanks to the friendship between Jiaozi, director of Ne Zha, and Tian Xiaopeng, director of Monkey King: Hero is Back.