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Na-Eun : Adidas Ultraboost

Na-Eun and Adidas, always a beautiful love story and a recipe that works, if we believe the netizens !

Model of the sports brand for over a year now, the group member KPop Apink makes the buzz every time the women’s group unveils their training videos by wearing different clothes of the brand Adidas, so much so that the Na-Eun’s name is often associated with that of the brand in South Korea.

The brand’s trousers were even nicknamed the ‘Naeun pants’ due to the fact that it was out of stock after many purchases by girls after seeing Na-Eun wearing it.

Today Na-Eun comes back with its sporty look, always so sexy with its perfect shapes, to promote the new Adidas Ultraboost shoes.

How long will it take before the stock is out?