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Momoland : “Thumbs Up” MV

MOMOLAND closes off the year with a bang ! The six-member girl group revealed their new single called ‘Thumbs Up”.

The trendy dance track with a retro-modern feel sings about the high-profile life of a star who grabs everyone’s attention just by being present. Its quirky music video features the members as they hurry with their deliveries, travelling throughout the globe and beyond.

The group’s agency has described this single as something that will offer a different concept from MOMOLAND’s previous releases but will still capture the interest of all age brackets.

“Thumbs Up” comes nine months after the group’s comeback with “I’m So Hot” in March. This is also the girls’ first promotion after Taeha and Yeonwoo‘s departure. Daisy is still under negotiations with MLD Entertainment regarding her contract and future plans.

Watch the music video here :