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Mamamoo’s Solar : “Spit It Out” Solo Debut MV

MAMAMOO brings out another spunky soloist! Group member Solar made her solo debut with a strong message encapsulated in “Spit It Out.”

The singer belted out lyrics that reject being confined into what others deem to be suitable, especially as a woman who is more likely to be judged no matter what she does. Solar exudes self-confidence and charisma. She assures the listeners that she will find her way to success despite everything that’s being thrown at her.

Spit It Out is the singer’s official solo debut album. She unofficially started her solo singing activities with a special project called “Solar Emotion” which featured her singing covers of mostly Korean songs. It ran from 2015 to 2018 and had a total of 11 titles reinterpreted by Solar.

Watch the music video here :