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MAMAMOO : New single “Gleam”

The members of the women’s group unveiled on July 24, 2019 the clip of their new single “Gleam”. This is their most recent release after their return with “gogobebe” in March of this year.

We often have the impression that K-pop releases are preceded by endless weeks of teasers to promote their new releases. But the arrival of ‘Gleam’, without teaser, is a pleasant surprise. This new marketing strategy has its advantages.

“Gleam” was written by Cosmic Sound and Cosmic Girl, with Moonbyul also writing lyrics. It’s a pop song with a different instrumentation about when we fall in love.

“Gleam” is a “song for fans”, which means it will probably not be performed at music shows. It is a trendy and pleasant piece of pop, but nothing special.

Online media has described “Gleam” as a synthpop song. The strongest moments are focused on Mamamoo’s always excellent voice, especially when the chorus opens for a harmony peak. The hint of guitar that directly precedes this moment is also particularly appreciable. This arrangement composed of guitar, voice and retro synthesizer gives an interesting style.

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