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MAMAMOO Wants To Get Rid Of Love In New “AYA” Music Video.

The Rainbow Bridge World girl group released the music video for “AYA.” The video was filled with rich scenes and colors as the group sings about a love that has gone bad, comparing it to a cavity which needs to be removed. Further emphasizing the message of the song, viewers can even spot the members dancing around headstones which read “tooth” to show how even the broken and rotting thing inside can kill the host.

As the members dance and sing, Solar is seen in all-white clothing, looking almost like a priestess or spiritual leader about to perform a ceremony. At the end, she takes out a dagger which seems to symbolize that the “cavity” of broken love is about to be removed for good.

“AYA” is the title track off the group’s tenth mini-album, TRAVEL.

Check out the new song and video below! What do you think of this new song and concept?