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Loona : Says “So What” In Energetic Comeback

LOONA is back with their latest title track “So What” and an explosive music video.

This is the group’s first comeback without member Haseul, who is currently taking a mental health break, as reported by Blockberry Creative. The title track is accompanied by six other tracks completing the [#] EP. “So What” is an anthem for those who wish to live their lives as they please, the lyrics inspiring its audience to be who they are. After all, so what, reveal all of who you are.

The music video opens with an inspirational short monologue, in English, expressing the same sentiment of the song. Along with the members themselves, other women are shown invoking a girl-power-esque essence to the video. The setting is urban, showing LOONA dancing on rooftops, basketball courts, and subway trains with clean outfits to match the metropolitan background. While choreography is showcased, as expected with the genre and group at hand, it isn’t the focus in “So What.” The music video rather showcases the members individually, aligning with the “I am who I am” theme the comeback carries.

While not the most innovative or exciting EDM track, “So What” is far from boring. The vocal and rap verses all lead up to the anthemic “So What” repeatedly declared by the group. This title track might not go down as the group’s most renowned, but it’s high-energy and certainly makes the listener want to run to a dance floor. “So What” might not make it to your favorites playlist, but it will get you on your feet the second it comes on at the club.