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LOONA : Is Back In “Why Not ?” MV

LOONA Dances Between Worlds In Enchanting “Why Not?” Music Video.

Eight months after the release of the rebellious “So What,” LOONA is back with their new mini-album [12:00] and title track “Why Not,” continuing their saga of darker and more intense concepts. Anyone at all familiar with the girl group knows that LOONA has created one of the most intricate worlds within their lore, which is what has made them stand out amongst the saturated industry. “Why Not” naturally continues this progression, toning down the bad girl vibes while maintaining a strong air of confidence. One thing is for sure: LOONA did not come to play.

The Ttitle : “Why Not ?”

Much like the previous comeback “So What,” “Why Not?” is an electro-pop track, but with more pop influences than EDM or trance like the previous comeback. As is custom, the song opens up with Heejin’s catchy rap, followed by Cheorry’s rap verse and vocals picked up by Kim Lip. The song itself has a lighter tone but still expresses a high level of swagger and self confidence. The dance break vocals of the repeated phrase “Di da dam di dam di dam” are infectious, and accompanied by “Ooh la la” repeated in the chorus, it’s impossible not to get this song stuck in your head. Even if it seems a bit repetitive upon first listen, something about the song is totally contagious. But perhaps that’s just the collective talent of LOONA shining through.

Of course we wouldn’t have a full-fledged LOONA comeback without an absolutely aesthetic music video, and “Why Not” definitely doesn’t disappoint in that department. Many of the shots take place at night or in very dimly lit locations where neon lighting is used to accentuate each member in her shots. There are some in the light, notably Chuu’s bright shot next to a car covered in flowery stickers, and Olivia Hye’s solo shot with a car doing donuts around her. It’s important to note as well that the choreography shots have groups of members different from their original sub-units, which is a refreshing change but may also have a deeper meaning, knowing LOONA’s lore history. There’s plenty of other visual intricacies to catch in the video, but it’s up to you to find and interpret them!

Check out the music video below :