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Liu Yan : Chinese Actress

What makes Liu Yan an international recognized actress, is it only her generous E chest ?

Liu Yan (柳岩) known abroad as Ada Liu, is a 40-year-old actress. But she was also at the beginning a TV hotest and a singer. She was quickly noticed by her attractive physique and began her career in the cinema.

She is known for her roles in Badges of Fury (2013), Mural (2011), An Inspector Calls (2015) and recently Ip Man : Master Z (2019). 

Liu Yan has won several trophies in her career as a singer and actress.

Just as she earned herself many admirers for her beauty and career achievements, Ada is arguably the most hated Chinese actress. Most women and girls loath to see her on TV, in most cases, without reasons – maybe because she’s just damn pretty or for flaunting her wares without apologies to womanhood.

Indeed, what made her particularly famous is her 34E chest and her penchant for flaunting them. Liu Yan have a very hot body, and his measurements are 82cm, 61cm and 87cm.

Unlike many celebrities, Ada has no taboo on this subject and willingly gives advice to those who want to maintain their figure. She says: “To be sexy, you have to really have confidence inside yourself.”

She appreciates that people call her “the sex goddess”, but she admits that it does not look like the way she looks in real life. She says herself: “Most of the time, I look so ordinary that no one can recognize me in the street.”

Despite her ultra-beautiful appearance, her personality contrasts sharply with the image she gives. Seeing her outside is like a big brainless sexy stunner, but in her bones is a calm and shrewd feminist, the contrast between the two creates an unconquerable woman.