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Lee Susu : MakeUp Goddess

As a girl, and especially for those who love beauty, it is interesting to follow some bloggers to learn their makeup secret: how to be beautiful, how to take care of your skin, how to hide aging …

Products and technology are constantly growing in this environment and Korea has something to do with it, which is why Korean bloggers are getting our attention.

I recently discovered this beauty blogger who has a real talent: Lee Susu (Lee Soo Jin). Of course, she’s not the first Korean woman to make a blog and make-up videos, but Lee Susu goes a lot further and has her own unique style.

Lee Soo Jin revealed that while she was only a student, she already had a passion for makeup. Having continued in this direction, she is currently one of the most famous bloggers in Korea.

Her youtube channel has more than 400 000 subcribers and the number of her instagram’s followers exceed 160 000.

Unlike some other bloggers, Lee Susu is not only very pretty, but has a real talent for makeup. Lee Susu is friendly sharing and answering many makeup questions. She prefers to write blogs to share her makeup experiences and tips, rather than creating videos or clips.

Lee Susu is able to make the simplest makeup art work, but can also realize complex staging, both mysterious and magical ! Indeed, in addition to her very detailed and explained tutorials, she also creates complete projects with makeup, accessories and staging for professional shooting ! (For example: Poseidon, Unicorn, Seiren, Vampire, Dahlia…)

What are you waiting for follow her ‘Leesu blooming’ on instagram or youtube ?