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JPop: Summer Releases

A short overview of this summer’s JPop releases, with a bonus of a new band from the “Hello! Project” !

I ☆ Ris

Let’s start with I ☆ Ris, who unveiled the clip “FANTASTIC ILLUSION”. The song also serves as an opening for the animated “Tejina Sempai”.

The clip begins with a show presented by the members. The rhythm of the music begins at a brisk pace and quickly becomes addictive and energetic. The costumes of the girls are very cute and adds a touch of magic. The song also has a lot of MC scene, where each member speaks to each other.

To have a glimpse of this ‘magic show’, it’s here:

Then we have the SUPER ☆ GiRLS and their 2 new songs: “NIJI-Iro SKY” and “Jounetsu RUNNER”.


This marks their 10th anniversary since their debut. For this new cycle, the concept is this: each new single this year will put a particular member of the group in the limelight. For the “NIJI-iro SKY” clip, Nagao Shiori is featured, and Hayashi Kana takes the main place in “Jounetsu RUNNER”.

“NIJI-iro SKY” starts in a very cute and colorful atmosphere. The choreographed parts of the clip are made in school uniform, which gives a fresh air to the clip. The girls are as always smiling and resplendent. The clip shows us a simple outing shopping between girls. The song is nice and very pleasant to listen to.

The short version of the clip:

“Jounetsu RUNNER” has a completely different atmosphere. Indeed, the song is much more powerful and serious, and girls dancing in the rain, always in the same school uniform, bring a more mature and dramatic side than the previous clip. The story is about a girl who practices athletics, and the girls sing to give her courage in her goal of becoming the best.

The short version of the clip:

Let’s continue with the “GIRLFRIEND” and their new single “Sky & blue” It will be released officially on August 28 in two versions: CD and CD + DVD The tracklist will have “Sky & blue” and “Shinon”, and the DVD will contain the clip and the making of “Sky & blue”.


The group starts with a good electric guitar sound that puts us in the mood, but interspersed with a quieter passage to make us appreciate even more the chorus. The clip tells the story of 2 high school students. A young high school student is lost in his daily routine, and a young high school student, also in a monotonous routine. The two young high school students are similar in every aspect. When she sees her comrade, the girl decides to go meet him …

We need to wait few days to see the full clip, but here is already the short version:

And as promised, here is the brand new group out of the show “Hello! Project”, namely: BEYOOOOONDS!


This new band makes a sensational debut by unveiling, not 1, but 3 clips on their youtube channel. When the BEYOOOOONDS girls started their debut on August 7th, the fans were there. Indeed, the songs “Glasses Boys / Nippon no DNA / Go Waist” was very well received. Some of the clips have already reached the million views …

The clip of “Glasses Boys” is available here:

The clip of “Nippon no DNA” is available here:

The clip of “Go Waist” is available here: