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Johyun – Berry Good : Ahri’s Cosplay

“Controversial” Cosplay Outfit at the Gamedolympic 2019 : Golden Card.

This event for an eSports competition, invites celebrities to play a variety of games. Johyun, the 23 year old singer of the Kpop girl group “Berry Good”, cosplayed as the nine-tailed fox character Ahri from League of Legends. But some people considered she was too sexy…

Indeed, some felt that his outfit was too revealing, while others have particularly appreciated his ability to transform perfectly into this fictional character.

In response to mixed comments, his agency explained that his outfit was created by the program’s organizers themselves. Johyun, as a player, with plaster lent herself to the game.

A source said, “It’s true that we prepared the outfit for her after discussing it with her agency. It was just the cosplay of a gambling character, and ask that you you refrain from analyzing it. “

No matter what some haters were able to say, Johyun was really beautiful in her outfit and she seems to have enjoyed this event a lot.

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