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IZ*ONE : Buenos Aires

IZ*ONE is a 12 member female band from South Korea and Japan. This is a temporary group that brings together the winners of the show : Produce 48. The band will perform a one year tour in their home country. The tour officially began in South Korea on October 2018 with the first album ‘COLOR*IZ’ and the main single, ‘La Vie En Rose’.

After only a few months of existence the women’s group already enjoyed an extraordinary popularity. Their first album was part of the best sales 2018 before including BLACKPINK and TWICE.

New record on April 2019, IZ*ONE obtains the sales record for a women’s group album in one day, previously held by TWICE with the 42,444 copies of “SIGNAL”. Indeed, in Japan their 2nd album titled ‘HEART*IZ’, has passed at 46,790 copies, thus offering the girls the record of the female band of K-Pop to sell the most copies of an album in one day !

The group continues on its launch with the release in Japan of the single ‘Bueno Aires’, which has already been seen more than 5M times on youtube.