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IU : “Celebrity” MV

IU is back and Promotes Self-Love In Beautiful MV !

IU released a beautiful MV for her new single “Celebrity.” The electronic pop track has a light vibe and fun chorus with house influences, a style IU has never experimented with before. The lyrics of the track, which were written by IU, encourage one to love their self as a fan would love a celebrity, recognizing their uniqueness and star-like quality.

Meanwhile, the music video is beautifully shot with rich colors and scenes that feature IU singing to herself. She is seen living the life of a celebrity while feeling a little lonely and lost, while her real self tries to encourage her to take a deep look in the mirror to see her true value and worth.

The overall effect of the video and lyrics are both sweet and powerful, delivering a much-needed message to listeners of today.

“Celebrity” is a pre-release track off IU’s upcoming fifth studio album.

Check out “Celebrity” below! What do you think?