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IU : “Blueming” MV

IU is waiting for a letter in the MV for “Blueming.”

She wakes to an earthquake, and then immediately runs downstairs to check the mailbox. It’s empty the first time she checks, then it contains a flower, and finally a package. Does it make any sense? No, but she looks cute as she shakes it and puts it to her ear.

Then you see a different IU, looking through a set of mounted binoculars. What she’s focusing on is a grey balloon that says “Read Me.” Then we get treated to scenes of lockers exploding, disgorging their contents, and IU dancing to the chorus of her own tune.

We get more scenes of her writing in a journal, painting flowers blue, and riding a bike. She sits on the stairs of her apartment, watching the flowers rapidly bloom. She plays balloons with someone else on the other side of the fence. Make no mistake — there’s not really a coherent narrative here.

But that’s just fine. Because the whole thing is playful, painted in bold strokes of blue. It’s fun watching IU make her way through this madcap MV. And it’s visually intriguing. It pulls you in, even as you scratch your head, confused. It’s another adventure of Alice in Wonderland, and IU is inviting you along for the ride.

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