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HyunA : “Good Girl” MV

HyunA says she isn’t everyone’s “Good Girl” in her long-awaited music video !

With lyrics written by the singer herself, the song talks about living life by her own rules and making it clear that she isn’t the typical “Good Girl” according to standards set by everyone else. Caesar & Loui arranged the song and co-composed it with Maya Keuc.

HyunA recently made her comeback with her seventh mini-album I’m Not Cool, which was headlined by a title track of the same name. “Good Girl” was introduced as one of the four B-sides included in the EP.

The song was initially prepared as a pre-release single in anticipation of her first studio album which was scheduled for August. However, her promotional activities were cancelled in favor of focusing on the treatment of the singer’s health concerns.

Watch the music video here :