HyunA : “Flower Shower” MV

The K-pop queen released the video for her new track “Flower Shower.”

Looking as beautiful and stunning as ever, the talented star takes on a bright concept for her new title track. With a fun beat and an echo or whistles and “woo-hoo” throughout, the song is very catchy and will surely get stuck in fans’ minds quickly. Meanwhile, the colorful video is filled with gorgeous flowers and a lovely aesthetic to match the concept of the track.

The song marks her first release since signing with P-NATION, the label founded by former YG Entertainment star PSY. In fact, the song was co-composed by PSY, who also wrote the lyrics for the track as well. HyunA revealed in a press conference for the release of her new track that she felt some pressure to be singing a song from PSY, especially as she had been a fan of his for a long time.

Check out the new MV here :