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HexaRide : New Experience

Do you like 4d dynamic cinema? Do you like virtual reality? And if we combined the 2 for a new experience!

In recent years, virtual reality has become very popular around the world, but it is still unknown to the majority of the public.

When people hear “VR” or virtual reality, it does not arouse much reaction. In Japan, however, virtual reality has become the new norm and is an integral part of the high-tech culture!

Tokyo-based HexaRide, bet on the combination of virtual reality and dynamic 4D cinema for a completely immersive experience, with in addition to your virtual helmet, moving seats and realistic outdoor effects atmosphere.

And we can say that the result is there. The incredible effect of the HexaRide experience is that it controls your senses to perfection to make you believe that what you see is real, beautiful landscape or sense of danger.

For the moment, there are two short films: ‘Tower of the Attacking Giant Collapse’ and ‘Ghost Chasers: Ghost in a Shell’.

In the first, you will find yourself plunged into a building collapse with giants eating humans. You will have to annihilate these titans with your team.

For the second, the mission is to bring a government official from point A to point B safely. It takes place in a dystopian society in a destroyed city. The pace is fast, you run on a torn highway and try to stop the bad guys at the same time.

Both films last about 8 minutes. HexaRide is available for 7 year old children (strange despite the pretty violent scenarios) and more. Fortunately for non-Japanese, English sessions are available every 2 hours.

Honestly, if you go through Tokyo, go immediately to try this new adventure!