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Hello Lylis : Nails Art

Beautiful from head to toe ! This expression is really to take in the full sense of the word, especially when we talk about Asia!

Most of you are certainly familiar with ‘nails art’, but certainly in your area it is not as developed as it is in Japan or Korea for example.

This fashion is strongly put forward by all the Kpop stars who offer us an infinite palette of style and colors, that shine at the tips of their fingers.


Whether with fake nails or natural nails, for the luckiest, everything is achievable. The limits are only those of your imagination.

Of course the Asian style is rather ‘kawai’ but maybe you would let yourself be tempted and try a more original style than the ‘french manicure’!

Current fashion in ‘nails art’ comes to 3D objects, or jewelry directly glued to the nails. But if you want a more ‘soft’ style but still beautiful and original, I highly recommend the Korean chain ‘Hello Lylis‘!

This Korean designer who started in 2011, has almost 40k subscribers in her youtube channel !

Her style is very cute and precise, in generally pastel and clear colors. She works particularly with gel varnish easier to handle and more durable than a classic varnish.

Feel free to take a look and encourage his talent!