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Heize : “Falling Leaves Are Beautiful”

On October 14th, Heize Ponders returned to delight fans with her new mini-album and music video for the title track, “Falling Leaves Are Beautiful.”

“Falling Leaves Are Beautiful” is a minimal jazz-touched single that conveys the mellow feelings associated by autumn. In addition, her album also introduces a second title track called “Late Autumn” which features fellow singer-songwriter, Crush. 

Heize’s fifth mini-album, Late Autumn, centers around the universal theme of love and struggles. According to the singer herself, she wants people to see that pain from separations, just like the seasons, will eventually be replaced by happier things in life. 

There are six new tracks in total for her latest comeback with Colde featuring in “DAUM” and Giriboy writing the lyrics for “Being Freezed.”

“The melody has a nice, seesawing appeal, and its subdued nature makes a strong match for Heize’s warm tone. But when it comes down to it, the song feels like a soft breeze, wafting in and out but leaving little in its wake.”

Enjoy the music video here :