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Grace Choi : Mink – 3D Print MakeUp

What about putting technology at the service of beauty ?

Grace Choi – Mink

Grace Choi, CEO and co-founder of Mink, did it for you ! The Mink concept was started in 2014, and become today a reality !

What is Mink ?

“The Mink printer is the world’s first 3D makeup printer, enabling you to bring your beauty content to life by instantly transforming any image into wearable makeup.”

In others terms, Mink is a 3D portable printer, let you print custom makeup from any photos from any place you are, right in the comfort of your sofa, for example.

How it’s work ?

It’s really easy to use. First, download the Mink app and import image from your computer (internet, camera, social media…) or your phone. Then choose to print entire image or single color. Insert a Mink makeup sheet into the tray and press the button !

Wait few seconds, and your makeup is ready to use !


The Mink printer has the ability to print 16.7 million colors, so you can create any makeup shade imaginable.

“Mink is safe and easy to use, and only uses FDA approved cosmetic ingredients. All products and components are rigorously tested, adhering to safety and compatibility standards. Certifications across our processes, partners and facilities include: FDA, cGMP, UL, UL-C, CE and FCC Part 15, Class B. “

Mink Printer now available for Pre-order (Delivry Fall 2020) – $295.00.