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(G)I-DLE : New Summer Single “DUMDi DUMDi”

A fresh and lively summer song is an essential part in order to get past the scorching weather and (G)I-DLE is more than ready to help you keep cool in this summer’s heat. Surpassing 32 million views in the span of only two days, the group is on the rise, proving their unfaltering growth in domestic and global popularity.

The group is back with refreshing single “DUMDi DUMDi.” Leader Soyeon’s collaboration with composer Pop Time challenges a new style of music that (G)I-DLE hasn’t attempted in the past, but acts to manifest the group’s unique color even so. Perfect for the weather, the group’s newest track is definitely an ideal summer bop as the steady beats and rhythmic patterns naturally emit beach party vibes and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Encompassing the central ideas of freedom, passion, and heat, this single features percussion instruments to generate an exciting rhythmic flow to accompany the tropical genre-based track. The intro to “DUMDi DUMDi” is undeniably an attention catcher with the percussion sounds coming into play and the song gradually builds up while introducing the group’s varied vocal colors. It’s no surprise that (G)I-DLE’s strength as a team reflects in the fact that the members all embody a unique vocal tone. This time around, it seems that this single consists of somewhat fairly distributed lines (aside from Shuhua’s lines that were unfortunately cut short to two), allowing fans to take a better listen to individual members in the group.

The music video starts off with an aesthetic cinematography. Based in the desert, lounging areas are brought into sight as the members appear one by one. Each individual seems to have a distinct role in the area of the film. The first minute of this music video explains the story of how the members get together in the same desert region with Soyeon confidently striding after getting off her open car, Soojin listening to music and relaxing in her room, celebrity Miyeon taking a break as she checks out a room for herself in the desert, Yuqi travelling through the desert on horseback and coming across the small motel and diner area, Minnie enjoying the peacefulness in her camping car, and Shuhua working as a part timer at the diner.

Shuhua looking out the diner window gives the cue and the song starts as Soyeon throws her luggage to the side and takes off her leather jacket, illustrating a visual representation of escaping the summer heat.The music video incorporates multiple elements that enhance the mood of this season. Summer essentials such as a camping car, bonfire, and swimming pool fulfill their parts in turning up the seasonal vibe. 

With the video progressing on, the scenes overall seemed to change in color. With the colorful confetti and fancy outfits, the party atmosphere paints a brighter and more vivid scene, giving a contrasting look to the intro part of the film. Plus, the girls look gorgeous decked out in their party outfits, not to mention how their smiles of joy and lightheartedness radiate the happiness of youth. Soon enough, the group’s choreography scene around the campfire concludes the film, leaving a lasting impression of the summery vibe of the track.

Especially because the group’s central image revolves around the charismatic and mysterious concept due to their previous titles, this newest single presents a refreshing look to (G)I-DLE. Giving a slight twist from their prior releases, the group’s return with “DUMDi DUMDi” seems like a great summer bop that not only fans but also a wider public audience can approach and enjoy. This intricate mix of the group’s distinct color with a full-on summer bop is a great way to relieve the heat and let’s hope to see (G)-IDLE’s “DUMDi DUMDi” as a hit that will return to the charts every summer.