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(G)I-DLE : Comeback With “Oh my god” MV

The girls returned with their new album and their dazzling new music video for “Oh my god”.

The single, which was written by leader Soyeon, contains a strong message about not only believing in oneself, but understanding that that trust can make you a braver and bolder person. The unusual urban hip-hop sound of the single is augmented by a highly visual music video, with each of the members captivating the viewer in their own individual scenes.

The urban hip-hop track reveals a conflict over a seductive siren call, knowing that it was going to be their downfall but still being mesmerized by it. The artful music video shows the girls as they start out pristine on their pedestals and gradually giving in.

(G)I-DLE’s third mini-album, I trust, features a five-title tracklist that includes their hit single “Lion” and an English version of their lead song. They previously held a comeback with their second mini-album entitled I made and title track “Senorita” in February 2019.

Watch the music video here :