Gfriend : “Apple” MV

 GFRIEND returned with a new album and a music video for their lead single, “Apple” !

Members Eunha and Yuju teamed up with PDoggFRANTS, and Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang SiHyuk to write and compose the pop track. “Apple” has lyrics that sing about being conflicted about choices when faced with an enticing offer. The accompanying music video gives off a fairytale-like feel with the girls plucking mysterious fruit and frolicking in magical places.

GFRIEND revealed that Bang SiHyuk himself provided them with guidance while conceptualizing the music and direction for their comeback.The group’s mini-album called: Song of the Sirens is the second installment of their series, preceded by : Labyrinth which was released last year with the title track, “Crossroads.”

Watch the music video here :