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Everglow : “Dun Dun” MV

If the formula works, why change it? EVERGLOW has been known for their fierce, girl crush concepts since debut and their latest comeback is no exception.

A year after debut, title track “DUN DUN” and accompanying mini-album reminiscence is their first comeback that is not just a single, heightening anticipation for the release. If you’re a fan of EVERGLOW’s style so far, you definitely won’t be let down. 

On first impression, “DUN DUN” feels somewhat like a combination of debut “Bon Bon Chocolat” and “Adios,” with a driving tempo fitting for their debut and a heavy emphasis on the bass reminiscent of “Adios.” The song may take a listen or two to really sink in, but that’s not anything new with EVERGLOW, since all of the musical elements can be difficult to comprehend at first. Initially, I wasn’t very impressed with the buildup into the chorus since the song repeats the exact formula of “Adios”; rather than building up to the drop in the chorus, there’s a halting of the melody for a single vocal line before breaking into the more intense chorus, which can be a bit jarring initially. But even so, it catches on quite quickly and the formula has proven wildly successful for EVERGLOW in the past, so it’s really no surprise that the musical structure of “DUN DUN” would be familiar. Regardless of your opinion of the repetition, there’s no doubt that EVERGLOW delivers another banger and power anthem in “DUN DUN” and that this song is going to only bring even more notoriety to the rookie group.

And to no one’s surprise, the music video only heightens the power the song has on its own. With flawless outfit choices and a fierce set design, the music video for “DUN DUN” adds a significant amount of beauty and impact overall to the song. Much like “Adios,” there are a number of dance shots set up on larger-than-life sets, with the girls donned in all black powerful outfits that are uniform but have just the right amount of subtle differences. Splashes of color are used here and there either in the set or in outfits to emphasize the power behind the dark theme. And of course, the choreography is unique and hard-hitting, a perfect fit for the song itself. I’ve always been in love with the aesthetic EVERGLOW portrays in their music videos and “DUN DUN” is no exception to that rule.