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Dreamcatcher’s HanDong : ‘Proof Of My Heartbeat’ cover

Dreamcatcher’s HanDong cover of ‘Proof Of My Heartbeat’ .

HanDong, the Chinese member of the group Kpop ‘Dreamcatcher’, finally took the time to stand out with this cover solo, in a special clip ‘Proof Of My Heartbeat’ by Reyi / Liu Renyu, taken from the movie ‘Fall In Love At First Kiss’.

The song, in Chinese, is really nice to listen to, and we are delighted that HanDong has a chance to be featured. She really has the voice and the ability to stand out and make herself known as a full-fledged artist.

We can also find her, this time in trio with Siyeon and Gahyeon, with this other special clip, for a cover of Paul Kim’s ‘Every Day Every Moment’.