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Dreamcatcher : ”BOCA”

Dreamcatcher makes a defiant comeback with a new mini-album along with the music video for their latest title track, “BOCA” !

The group ushered in their new era with a lead song that was written and composed by Ollunder and LEEZ.

Set to a combination of moombahton and rock, “BOCA” condemns the cruelty of hate speech, questions the heartless people behind them, and depicts blocking it all out.

Dreamcatcher’s Dystopia: Lose Myself boasts of four more titles in addition to the main track. Members Jiu and Dami lent a hand with writing lyrics for their comeback.

The group returned with Dystopia: Tree of Language and its lead single “Scream” last February as a six-member team.

Handong was absent from previous promotions due to her being a competitor in China’s idol survival show “Youth With You 2.” She is currently unable to participate in group activities due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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